Thrive LDN Team

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Una Carney
Acting Director

Una is the Acting Director Lead for Thrive LDN. Una has a long track record of delivering citywide communications and engagement initiatives for Healthy London Partnership.

Dan Barrett
Deputy Director

Dan is the Deputy Director for Thrive LDN. Dan has a background in activism and campaigning, and running NHS mental health transformation programmes.

Alex Belsey
Campaigns & Participation Lead

Alex leads on Thrive LDN’s campaigns and participation with Londoners, including the Problem Solving Booths project. He has also been involved with Thrive LDN’s workplace mental health partnerships.

Kate Griffiths
Equalities Lead

Kate leads Thrive LDN’s work to reduce mental health inequalities and Thrive LDN’s Zero Suicide projects. Her work on reducing inequalities includes the Right to Thrive and Thrive Together initiatives.

Dan Lescure
Senior Mental Health Policy & Programme Officer

Dan leads on Thrive LDN’s partnership development with the GLA and wider GLA network. He also leads Thrive LDN Culture.

Suado Nur
Young Londoners Lead

Suado leads on Thrive LDN’s children and young people projects, including Thrive LDN’s partnerships with Discover Storytelling Centre and Mental Health First Aid England. Suado also jointly leads Thrive LDN’s evaluation with Leslie.

Leslie Salema
Communities Lead

Leslie is the lead for the Thriving Communities initiatives. Her work aims to help localities across London to establish and lead mental health initiatives in their communities. Leslie also joinly leads Thrive LDN’s evaluation with Suado.​