Thrive LDN Champions are a diverse network of people across London who are committed to changing the way their communities think and talk about mental health.

Champions engage with their communities through various activities and events, facilitate conversation about mental health, find creative ways to address stigma and discrimination, and support Thrive LDN’s aim of raising awareness of inequality and mental health. Want to know more? Simply email You can keep up to date with events and volunteering opportunities by subscribing to our newsletter.

Where did the idea come from?

The Champions network first emerged from the high volume of enquiries and offers of assistance from people during the Are we OK London? 2017 campaign. Londoners with a range of backgrounds and interests got in contact via email and social media to ask how they could support Thrive LDN. The first meeting of Champions took place at City Hall in November 2017 and there have been monthly meet-ups ever since, with new faces joining each time.

What next?

The team have discussed with the Champions network what kind of training would equip them to better understand their local system and to build connections and partnerships. The result will be the delivery of a forthcoming leadership development programme to ensure Champions have the skills and confidence to grow the citywide movement at a borough level.