Thrive LDN is delighted to support the newly launched Centre for Society and Mental Health, based at King’s College London.  

The new £8 million interdisciplinary research facility has been awarded funding by the Economic and Social Research Council for its first five years.

The Centre will bring together expertise across social science, epidemiology, psychiatry, neuroscience, user involvement, and social policy, to ask:

  1. What are the consequences for mental health, positive and negative, of major contemporary social transformations?
  2. What social, economic and health policies can support improvements in individual and community resilience to mental health problems?

Researchers will work together with clinicians, policymakers, users of mental health services and communities experiencing poor mental health to better understand these social dimensions and build effective policies to tackle them.

King’s Centre for Society and Mental Health will address questions in three key areas where there is the greatest need:

  • Young people – what impact have recent social and economic changes, from the rise of social media to the growth of precarious employment, had on the mental health of young people?
  • Marginalised communities – what impact have recent social and economic changes, such as prolonged austerity, had on the mental health of disadvantaged communities, including black and minority ethnic?
  • Work and welfare – what impact have widespread welfare reforms had on mental health, and what welfare policies might better promote mental health?

We look forward to working closely together.